Being True To Yourself

What does it mean when you are being true to yourself?

:: You write the words that are going through your mind in verbatim. It does not matter if you swear. It does not matter if those who read cringed with the words you wrote. It does not matter if the MTRCB will rate it as SPG.

:: You speak as if you own the world. You are confident and you made sure that what you said is what you meant. No need for interpretations. No need for meaning. No need for secondary guessing. What has gone through your head has gone through your voice.

:: You don’t exactly “dress” for the occasion. You know, just presentable enough to fit your comfort. Who needs a fancy dress when you are sweating like a pig or cannot eat or cannot walk normal.

:: You comment on people’s lives because you know them. Or maybe not a lot but enough to know that whatever you said was justifiable. Or because you believe that what they did was stupid or uncalled for. Your morals and your principles are knocking hard on your consciousness.

Where do we base our truthfulness?

+ Our belief in what is right or wrong?

+ The foundation of our character?

+ Family?

+ School?

+ Religion?

If everything is debatable why do we supposed the fact. 

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