Don’t care anymore

Someone posted about happiness and it made me wonder about it in a world that is full of deflection and hidden sadness.

I am sad. But not for me but for the wall that I grew to understand. Sad in a way that is not worth any sympathy but logic and truth. 

I am a bystander in this so-called life and I am talking with all the benefits of unspoken words, deep thoughts, and malicious observation, if you will. 

Respect comes into mind. 

My conventional upbringing and open-minded judgment.

Money. Which is quite a big deal from where I am standing and my malicious mind.

Dysfunctional. Admittedly but not put out.

What I think vs. What I did vs. What is morally right vs. Who is paying the bills vs. Social convention vs. Family vs. Paying your dues vs. Not family yet vs. In denials vs. Acceptance vs. Issues vs. Big B.S

Yeah, I know, what I don’t want to say because of courtesy or respect or verbal abuse. Anyway, whatever right. 

Here I am in the point of crossing the line to NOTCARING. For my last piece of sanity. 

Happiness maybe a choice but when the choice got taken from the person you know deserve to be happy, how do you deal. 

When did we forget where we came from? 


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